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  • For clavicle or scapula fractures, post-operative rehabilitation fixed. As children and adults with shoulder and back posture correction purposes.
  • Main material: Sponge Material, Ribbon, Adhesive Tape and so on.
  • Size: S/M/L

Scapula or clavicle fractures in post-operative rehabilitation fixed. As children and adults with shoulder and back posture correction purposes.

(1) the use of comfortable, breathable cotton material, buckles, made of adhesive tape;
(2) Special-eight open design is easy to adjust the tightness;
(3) easy to wear, comfortable, good air permeability;
(4) effective to medial fractures.

For people:
Bad posture by shoulder, scapula or clavicle fracture patients.

Applicable to All People and Humpback Population Health Use:
1. Correct students or white-collar office workers, computer enthusiasts, drivers, and the need to maintain long-term sitting posture by incorrect, correct posture, correct the hump. (Long head in flexion, neck vessels under pressure, so that the brain blood flow is restricted, resulting in insufficient oxygen to the brain, causing a stiff neck, backache, headache, severe cases can cause dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and other symptoms.
2. Corrective hunched teenagers (kyphosis), sitting straight, habitual humpback and so on. Humpback seriously affect future growth and healthy growth, and can lead to vision loss.
3. Correct posture bent spine or spine disorders.
4. Clavicle or scapula fracture;
5. After surgery rehabilitation fixed;
6. The correct upper body posture.

Symptoms of application and efficacy
1. Bad posture and provide kyphosis correction function
2. Adjustable adhesive type wearable design, according to personal body adjust the tightness, allowing worn more docile.
3. Symmetrical style shoulder strap support: tied to the back of the spine, effectively correct hunchback posture.
4. Back cross-belt design, effective control of the shoulder and scapula movements.
5. Come formula gluing design: available (centralized) pressure, to give back basic support.
6. By lifting the design, combined with excellent stability back.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Clavicle Posture Corrector


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